Aviation Medical

Dr Shamim Siddiqui Aviation Medical Examiner is approved to perform medical examinations to meet the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act 1988, the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 and the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

Services Include

  • Private Aviation Medical examinations
  • Class 1 Commercial Aviation Medical examinations
  • Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificates
  • ECG, audiogram and spirometry services,
  • Onsite Instant Drug and Alcohol Screening

Class 1 Commercial Aviation Medical Examinations must be done every 12 months (or every 6 months after the age of 60 if ATPL).
 Private (Non-Commercial) Aviation Medical Examination done every 4 years if you’re under the age of 40 and every 2 years once over 40.
 We recommend 2-4 weeks before your current certificate expires is the best time to see your Doctor for your Medicals

To do before you see Dr Shamim Siddiqui

Applicants are required to complete CASA’s online medical questionnaire on the medical records system MRS2 prior to attending. You will obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN). Please go to   https://mrs.casa.gov.au/Applicant to complete your application. You need to pay an online fee.

During your appointment Dr Shamim will log on to review your responses, complete the medical and submit your medical to CASA. Dr Shamim will bill you for your medical assessment.

A copy of your medical certificate will be given to you.


You will need

  • Photo identification if new patient
  • Recent test results and specialist letters
  • If worn, your corrective glasses or contact lenses.


Class 1 medical certificate

Class 1 medical certificate is valid for one year.

The Class 1 medical certificate standard applies to holders of an Air Transport Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence (other than balloons), Multi-crew Pilot (aeroplane) Licence, Flight Engineer Licence or Student Flight Engineer Licence.

Class 2 medical certificate

The Class 2 medical certificate standard applies to holders of a Recreational Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence and a Commercial Pilot (Balloon) Licence that want to exercise the full privileges of their licence.

CASA no longer reviews Class 2 medical applications unless a DAME elects to refer the application for review. The only exception is for conditions of psychosis, irreversible dementia or epilepsy or if an applicant has previously had a Class 2 application denied. Some DAMEs have elected to refer all applications to CASA – you may wish to check with your DAME when you make an appointment.

Basic Class 2 medical certificate

A Basic Class 2 medical certificate is an alternative to a full Class 2 certificate that has been introduced in July 2018 for private operations. It has the following operational restrictions:

  • private operations by day under the visual flight rules (VFR) and below 10,000 feet
  • a maximum of five passengers
  • piston engine aircraft
  • maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of less than 8618kg
  • no use of operational ratings (eg. instructor rating, instrument rating)
  • no use of flight activity endorsements (eg. aerobatics, low level).

The restrictions do not apply if a suitably qualified pilot with a valid Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate occupies a control seat.

Examinations are conducted by any medical practitioner who can conduct a motor vehicle driver examination. The medical standard is exactly the same as a commercial driver standard (Austroads). These medical standards are approved by Commonwealth, state and territory transport ministers.

If applicants unconditionally meet the standard (except for glasses and hearing aids), they will be issued with a Basic Class 2 medical certificate by CASA.

If you do not pass the Basic Class 2 medical assessment, or you have a pre-existing medical condition, you can still apply for a Class 2 medical certificate where you will be assessed in further detail by a DAME. DAMEs have more flexibility to consider the specific circumstances and in the aviation context.

Class 3 medical certificate

The Class 3 medical standard applies to holders of an Air Traffic Control Licence and Flight Service Officers. Unless otherwise advised by the Aviation Medicine Section, a Class 3 medical certificate is valid for two years.

Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner’s Certificate (RAMPC)

The Basic Class 2 medical certificate does not replace the RAMPC. If you currently have a RAMPC you can continue to exercise the privileges of a recreational pilot licence. The restrictions for holders of a RAMPC include:

  • single engine piston powered aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 1500kg or less
  • day VFR conditions only
  • below 10,000 feet above mean sea level
  • no acrobatic flight and with not more than one passenger on board.

Fees for medical certificate applications online.

PS: your DR will charge a separate fee for her consult


Request Type


Class 1 medical incl: ECG, blood as required

(audiometry/optometry done separately)

$ 250.00

Class 2 medical incl: ECG, blood as required

(audiometry/optometry done separately)

$ 250.00

Basic Class 2 medical

$ 100.00

Class 3 medical incl: ECG, blood as required

(audiometry/optometry done separately)

$ 100.00

Reconsideration of application

$ 150.00

Extension of medical certificate

$ 50.00


CASA – current service delivery standard for assessing an application for a medical certificate is 20 business days.

This timeframe begins from the time all documentation required for assessment of the medical application is received by CASA, including payment for all fees.

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