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My Doctors Clinic Open Day And Night

My Doctors Clinic Surfers Paradise

For 20 years Day and Night medical centre has been a beacon of health management, providing quality Gold Coast medical services through-out the region with its unique extended operating hours. Both of our Gold Coast medical centres are opened providing you with medical help when you need it.

We are an Accredited General Practice

Day Night medical centres adhere to the existing standards required by the Australian Government and are re-accredited every 3 years. This means that you get the best possible care available. We are fully computerised, allowing us to maintain thorough and comprehensive medical records.

We operate an appointment system and walk-ins including emergencies

Ensuring that in most cases you will be seen on the day without waiting too long. We understand your time is valuable, so we do not close or stop for lunch! Whilst we cannot guarantee that everything runs on time, we do our best.

To help us run on time, we can arrange longer appointments for special conditions such as surgical procedures, Implanon insertion/removal, mental health plans and health assessments. Simply tell our friendly receptionist what you feel you may require when you call for an appointment.

Gold Coast Day and Night Medical Centre

At My Doctors Clinic, we have a Pathology Lab, Allied Health Team, Psychologist and Practice Nursing Staff who are trained in specialised care, wound care, burns, immunisations, female health and PAP smears, as well as complex disease management.

Additionally, we are an accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre in Queensland and we are also part of Travel Clinics Australia.


Your privacy is important to us at My Doctors Clinic

Your medical health record is strictly confidential. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

Our practice uses a computerised medical record system to record your notes and personal information. These systems are all password protected and are backed up daily.

All information recorded in our surgery remains strictly confidential and is not available to other parties unless we have patient consent.

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