Our aim is to give our patients the highest possible quality of care, by ensuring excellence in all aspects of our practice. We endeavour to provide patients with the best and most current treatments, methods, materials and equipment within our resource capabilities to ensure that the patients receive the high quality of service they have come to expect.

We believe that patients come first. Teamwork is highly valued and encouraged within the practice to promote a harmonious and productive environment. We hold great importance in ethical and responsible behaviour as essential to maintain the trust and loyalty of our patients and staff.

Test Results

If your Doctor requests any form of testing be sure to book another appointment within 3-5 days after having the test done to discuss the results. Reception staff are not authorised to discuss the results with patients.

Interpreter Service

We use an interpreter service where necessary to ensure our Doctor fully understands the nature of a patients visit and that the patient fully understands the outcome of the consultation. Please let the staff know at the time of booking the appointment if this service is required.

Billing Policy

Following the initial consultation, our doctors Bulk Bill all patients who have a current Medicare Card. If you do not qualify for Medicare then you will be billed privately. Overseas students are not out of pocket for visits if they hold current Allianz or AHM memberships. Private Billing Fees are detailed in our Patient Information Booklet available from reception.

Nursing Home Visits

My Doctors Clinic Surfers Paradise offers a new service – Nursing Home Visits. For more information please give us a call or take a look at our Nursing Home Medics Website on

Home Visits

Home visits are offered at the Doctor’s discretion and a fee may be payable.


Parking is available for Free at the Piazza Car Park


If you are unable to attend your appointment we greatly appreciate you contacting us so that we may allocate your appointment to another patient in need.


Our Practice welcomes all overseas students that are affiliated with Allianz, AHM, Bupa & Medibank Private. We bill directly to your insurance company for any consultations with no out of pocket fees. We do ask that you bring your current insurance information and photo ID with you.

Telephone Calls

Your Doctor may be available by phone, however calls to the Doctor can inconvenience patients whilst in a consultation. The Doctor may not always be available to take the call immediately but the nurse on duty may be able to assist you. All messages are documented in the patient file and followed up by the Doctor.

Recall/Reminder System

Patients attending this Practice will automatically be included on our Recall/Reminder system. The Reminder system is in place so that we are able to contact the Patient by SMS, phone or mail for follow-up of preventative measures: such as Skin Checks, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure Checks, Pap Smears, Prostate Examinations, etc. This system is also used to Recall Patients to book a consultation to discuss any test results. When you receive a Recall/Reminder via SMS, phone or mail, please contact Reception Staff to arrange an appointment with your GP to discuss. We provide the Recall/Reminder system purely as a service to Patients attending this Practice and confidentiality is ensured at all times. Please be sure to register any change of contact details with our Reception Staff.

Patient Rights and Feedback

Your feedback, both positive and negative, is extremely valuable to us because we can’t grow unless we know. Feedback forms can be found in the waiting room and you can remain anonymous if you wish. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss your concerns with your GP, Senior Receptionist, Senior Registered Nurse or our Practice Manager

If your concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction you may contact the Office of the Health Ombudsman.

Office of the Health Ombudsman
PO Box 13281 George StreetBrisbane QLD 4003Phone 1366 646

After Hours

My Doctors Clinic Surfers Paradise Provides 24 hours onsite medical services, 7 days a week , including public holidays
Please call us now on 07-5592 2299 or book online for a appointment

COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

Dear Patients,

Stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic by booking a phone consultation with one of our GPs.

Our GPs can organise medical certificates, prescriptions, GP Management Plans (care plans), GP Mental Health Treatment Plans, blood test requests, radiology imaging requests, specialist referrals, all via phone, for our existing patients without you needing to leave your home.

IMPORTANT: If you have flu-like symptoms, we ask that you call the clinic for telehealth appointment.

Please book online or call 07 5592 2299 for an appointment